All of our seminars are focused on improving individual and group excellence.

We define excellence as doing whatever you do as well as you can do it right now while at the same time learning how to do it better the next time.

Underlying every seminar is the philosophy of The Any Person Mindset, which simply says, “Any person can make a significant difference. No one is born with the necessary traits. These are learned thinking traits.”

All of our seminars are customized to the particular group we are working with. These are designed after we discuss the desired outcomes with the decision-maker for the group, and after we’ve done our research on the group including phone calls, email surveys, on-site visits, studying your website, etc.

We provide seminars in the following formats:

  • Half-day
  • Full-day
  • Day and a Half
  • Two Full-days
  • Time-spaced approach where we teach a seminar, and then 3-5 weeks later we conduct a follow-up seminar to build on the earlier ideas and expand to even more.

Types of topics we get into:

Individual Excellence

  • Be accountable to the difference you can make in terms of your behaviors, relationships, and results
  • Clarify your purpose and most important goals
  • Understand how you are hard-wired and how other people are hard-wired
  • Meet the needs of other people
  • Understand and apply your Assets for Significance (your character strengths, passions, talents, values, and sources of self-confidence)
  • Shift from negative emotions to positive emotions in a sustainable way
  • Focus and sacrifice in order to do the few things that will matter the most in improving results
  • Continually raise your performance bar
  • Imagine the possibilities and the seeming impossibilities
  • Influence how other people think so they make decisions that improve results in a sustainable way

Group Excellence

  • Focus on the idea that a team is a group of people who support one another toward fulfilling a meaningful purpose and achieving important outcomes
  • Establish an environment based on respectfulness, caring, open-mindedness, and honesty
  • Clarify the purpose of the group and how success will be measured
  • Communicate effectively within the group to strengthen relationships and improve results
  • Leverage the Assets for Significance in other people
  • Build trust that serves as the foundation for future success
  • Dig into the roots of intensely negative emotional conflict
  • Run effective meetings that lead into effective planning and activities
  • Innovate to continually improve the performance of the group

If you are interested in bringing The Any Person Mindset Seminar to your organization, please contact us at or 314/614-8622. We will set up a time to discuss your particular situation and your desired objectives for any seminar we create for you.