In the introduction we lay out the philosophy of The Any Person Mindset and make a case for why it is so important.

Two quick ideas from the introduction:

First, we explain the difference between The Any Person Mindset and The Star Performers Mindset. The former focuses on the importance of believing that you and every other person in your organization can make a significant difference, and the latter focuses on hiring and retaining a few star performers who will guide the organization to success.

Second, we follow up that idea by highlighting the differences between the 80/20 Mindset and the 80 + 20 Mindset. The first one says 20% of the people produce 80% of the results. This eventually leads into 20% of the people feeling entitled to making every decision and being in charge of every project, and 80% developing a sense of being left out and disengaged. The second says that 100% of the people in an organization produce 100% of the results in the organization. Everyone is accountable for their relationships, behaviors, and results.

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