Dan Coughlin’s Executive Group Coaching Program combines the benefits of group collaboration, leadership development, and individual attention for specific business situations.

Here’s how the process works:

You create the group.

You can set up a group of leaders within your business or of business leaders from multiple organizations. The group members can all be in the same city or spread across a country or multiple countries. Each group has a maximum of four people in it. If you have more than four people in your group, then more than one session will be set up each month with a maximum of four people in each subgroup. The attendees in the subgroups will be changed so that everyone gets to interact with each other over the course of the Group Coaching Program.

Dan Coughlin works with the group of business leaders for a period of six months.

He begins with a one-on-one conversation with each person to understand his or her specific situation and desired outcomes.

Each month there is a 90-minute group session, with six group sessions in total. This is done using free Zoom video conferencing. This technology also allows the group to use a white board to explain ideas, PPT slides, notes, etc. Everyone can see each other’s faces and the additional resources and tools that are being shared.

Each session has two parts.

In Part One, Dan Coughlin will guide the group through a series of leadership development exercises focused on a single them such as focus and sacrifice, understand and apply your assets for significance, and so on. Dan will send homework assignments to the group members prior to the session.

In Part Two, each participant will be able to ask specific questions relevant to his or her work situation. The person will then receive feedback from the other groups and from Dan.

After each session, Dan sends written feedback to the group based on what was discussed during the session.

He will also provide recommendations of books, or chapters in books, that are specifically related to the topics that were discussed in the group session.

In addition, all group members will have unlimited access to Dan Coughlin between the monthly group sessions.

They can ask questions via email on whatever business leadership topic they would like to get input on. Dan will respond within 24 hours to all of these questions with whatever input he has to offer.

Money-Back Guaranteed

Dan Coughlin’s Executive Group Coaching Program is 100% money-back guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the quality of this program, you can request and receive a full refund of your investment at any time.

More info?

If you want to discuss creating a Group Coaching Program with Dan Coughlin, please contact him at dan@thecoughlincompany.com or 314/614-8622.


I could not have a higher recommendation for Dan Coughlin as an executive coach. I have worked with executive coaches in the past and I have enjoyed working with them all. With that said the benefit I got from Dan’s sessions greatly exceeded my past coaching experiences. Dan took a different approach than my previous coaches where he was able to help me identify my strengths, make me aware of them, and help use and enhance them. In the past my coaches have focused on my shortcomings and weaknesses. The experience with Dan was not only more pleasant but more effective. I have greater confidence now as a business leader than I have ever had in the past.

Kyle Sanders
Director of Sales and Business Development
GTS Plumbing and Heating Distributors