The most direct way that Dan Coughlin works with an individual to develop the thinking traits necessary to make a significant difference in his or her organization is to serve as the person’s Executive Coach. In effect, Dan and the client become thinking partners as they discuss an array of topics related to improving the person’s business leadership performance.

In this approach, all of the coaching sessions are centered on the person’s real-life business situations. They generally last for sixty minutes. Rather than teaching the content of The Any Person Mindset in a structured format as he does in a keynote or seminar, Dan customizes every coaching session to the actual opportunities and challenges the individual is facing at work.

Every coaching session is very pragmatic and focused on improving actual client results. There is not a structured, step-by-step format that the person has to follow. Instead Dan uses what he calls “Blank Page Consulting,” where he listens to the person describe situations with customers, employees, and suppliers on topics ranging from strategy, branding, innovation, and execution to personnel, teamwork, leadership, personal effectiveness, and much more.

He then collaborates with the person to develop effective solutions. After each session, Dan sends the client written feedback on what they just discussed with additional thoughts and suggestions.

This service is for CEOs, business owners, and business leaders who want to become even more effective and significant in their organization. Effectiveness means intentionally acting in a purposeful way that improves results in a desired outcome. Significance means making a tremendously positive and lasting impact on a meaningful outcome.

In addition to phone conversations, video conferencing calls, and/or on-site visits, the individual has unlimited access to Dan during the time of the coaching relationship. The person can email Dan additional questions for a written response or to set up additional phone calls in between the scheduled calls. He responds always within 24 hours, and usually within a few hours. This allows the person to receive almost immediate input on opportunities and challenges as he or she is experiencing them.

There is no charge for the first 2 Executive Coaching sessions with Dan Coughlin. These are a free trial period for both the prospective client and Dan to see if they have a good chemistry in working together. If after the second session both individuals feel the coaching relationship could be effective, then Dan will put together a variety of options of how they can work together.

Since 1997 Dan Coughlin has served as an Executive Coach for more than 200 executives and business owners. He has provided more than 4,000 Executive Coaching sessions. The average length of those relationships has been 18 months.

If you are interested in possibly working with Dan Coughlin as an Executive Coach, you can contact him at Just put “Interested in Executive Coaching” in the subject line. Or you can call him at 314/614-8622.