In Chapter Three we look at the impact of your thinking on three important topics:

  • Moving from negative emotions to positive emotions.
  • Deciding what to focus on and what to sacrifice in terms of your time and energy commitments.
  • Imagining what is possible both in the short term and the long term.

Two quick ideas in Chapter Three:

First, if you are in a bad mood as you enter a meeting, change the situation or the person you are thinking about, and think about a situation or person which will allow you to shift into positive emotions.

Second, use The Four Aces Approach to focusing your time and energy. In playing poker, it would help a great deal if you could select four cards out of the deck before the cards get dealt to all the players. You would probably select the four aces. You won’t win every time by doing that, but you will have a great chance of winning almost every time.

In your work write down everything you could do in the next month. Try to come up with 52 items. You might not get there, but it makes for a good analogy. Now select your four aces, the four things you could do that you believe will make the greatest positive impact toward making a significant difference in your organization. Play those cards before you do anything else.

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