In Chapter Six we define teamwork as a group of individuals who support one another toward fulfilling a meaningful purpose and achieving important outcomes. Teamwork requires intentional effort on the part of all the members.

Two broad ideas we cover in Chapter Six:

First, teams have unwritten rules. They are respectfulness, caring, open-mindedness, and honesty. Although subtle, these guidelines are crucially important. Respectfulness means not interrupting other people while they are talking. Caring means care about the other person’s success. In a meeting, be hard on the issue, but easy on each other. Open-mindedness means be open-minded to the possibility that any other person might have a great idea and be willing to listen to it, and be open-minded to the possibility that you might have a great idea and be willing to offer it. Honesty means it does no good to say you agree in a meeting room, and then go in the hallway and say it was the dumbest idea you’ve ever heard.

Second, if you are ever looking for some really good ways to ruin work relationships, this chapter has what you’re looking for. Lack of time together one-on-one, build a fortress around how things will always be done, and fake listening are all effective ways to really ruin a work relationship.

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