This chapter lays out a map for you to follow. It quickly consolidates all the ideas from Chapters 1-6, and gives the reader a step-by-step approach to move into action.

As you move along we encourage you to use these two processes:

First, the Continually Raising Your Performance Bar Process. Every month answer these four questions for yourself:

  1. What was my goal and what did I actually achieve?
  2. What did I do to try to achieve my goal that worked well and why did it work well, and what did I do to try to achieve my goal that did not work well and why did it not work well?
  3. What lessons did I learn or relearn as I pursued my goal?
  4. What will I do the same and what will I do differently in the next month to achieve my goal?

Second, the 1 – 3 – 6 Process for Focusing Your Efforts. Every month answer these three questions:

  1. What is my one most important goal?
  2. What three things can I do that will have the greatest positive impact on achieving that goal?
  3. What six things do I need to stop doing or spend a lot less time doing so that I have the time and the energy to do the three things that I believe will matter the most?
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